CathPalTM is the new standard for securing your Peritoneal Dialysis catheter.

CathPalTM is our flagship product. With CathPalTM, patients can:

(1) Secure their catheters without using tape, which can pull on your catheter during removal.

(2) Secure the catheter to their body without leaving any sticky residue on the catheter or device often left by tape or other adhesives, which often attracts dirt and dust.

(3) Experience less irritation to the skin and save time by releasing and re-securing the catheter without having to frequently remove and replace the adhesive from the skin.

(4) Continue to secure the catheter when it gets wet during a shower.

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CathPal I & II Combination Pack (Tan) Monthly Supply Subscription
39.99 every month

30 Single-sided and 30 double-sided skin adhesive catheter securement wraps that do not leave any sticky residue. (Tan)

(12cm x 5cm and 7.5cm x 2.5cm)

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