We design and manufacture catheter securement wraps.

CathPal is the new standard for securing the Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter.

CathPal I & II

Red Color

CathPal I & II

Tan Color

CathPal I & II

Blue Color


How to pay for this product: Use your flexible spending account (FSA) to get a tax exemption or get reimbursed on this product or submit with with medical insurance claim. This offer is cover by medicare dialysis supplies for end-stage renal failure patients.

Put your delivery of the CathPal on auto-pilot. To receive a constant supply of CathPal, please look into a getting a subscription of our product. You’ll get two new boxes of 15 CathPals each month so you don’t have to order everytime, but never run out and get it without delays. 


Jenny G. Ishii

The founder is a Peritoneal Dialysis Patient who was looking for a better way to secure her own dialysis catheter. Through research and testing, she developed the CathPal I and IITM, our patents pending, catheter securement wraps that do not leave any sticky residue on the catheter. It secures the catheter using cohesive wrap material that sticks to itself, but not the catheter. Because of this unique feature, it can release and re-secure the transfer set multiple times without removing the adhesive from your skin. The long-lasting adhesive stays secure to a variety of skin types and the wrap is soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear. The CathPalTM is currently available for sale in a variety of colors.

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