We design and manufacture catheter securement wraps.

CathPal is the new standard for securing the Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter.

CathPal I & II

Red Color

CathPal I & II

Tan Color

CathPal I & II

Blue Color


 How to pay for this product: Use your flexible spending account (FSA) to get a tax exemption or get reimbursed on this product or submit with with medical insurance claim. This offer is cover by medicare dialysis supplies for end-stage renal failure patients.

Put your delivery of the CathPal on auto-pilot. To receive a constant supply of CathPal, please look into a getting a subscription of our product. You’ll get two new boxes of 15 CathPals each month so you don’t have to order everytime, but never run out and get it without delays.